Starflyer 59 (O.C.) - mellow pop songs
The Dalloways (Fresno) - mellow BritPopish band
Gryp (Fresno) - kinda Deftonesish
Kat Jones (Fresno) - folkish/indie songwriter
The Nicknames (Fresno) - punk/emo
Six Fingered Man(Fresno) - indie rock/emo
Johnny Come Lately (Bakersfield, CA) - power pop/emo
Pedro the Lion (Seattle) - the best band in the world. Buy their new album from Jade Tree Records
The Lebecs (Bakersfield, CA) - rockin pop w/keyboards
Zeromile (Fresno) - trancey spacey techno
Superfluid Helium 3 (Fresno) - experimental rock

Bel & the Dragon (Fresno) - dynamic bursts of indie rock

Autumn Poetry (Seattle) - emo bad boys!

Dialog (Hayward, CA) - great pop songs with super energy!

Number One Gun (Chico, CA) - rad guitar driven emo songs!

Jade Tree- pedro the lion, the promise ring, jets to brazil, joan of arc, cap'n jazz
Velvet Blue Music - pony express, MAP, the billions, LN, the lassie foundation

Kuppajoe (Fresno) - all ages, Fri nites
The Don (Visalia) - all ages, Sat nites
The Starline (Fresno) - lots of great shows here

MUSIC SCENE on the WWW: - rad local music calendar - great place to find indie music - Fresno area bands and venues - Fresno area bands

Stylus Magazine - rad E-zine

Local Rock Stars (Bakersfield) - great site for central valley bands 
Atari Champ Message Board  - self explanatory

These are just a few of our personal favorites.
So if your really bored or something, this should 
keep you busy. Most of these are very worth 
spending time on. We'll add more later, email
us any cool sites you might know of.


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