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Aug 20th , The Starline , Fresno CA. doors open 6:30 ALL Ages
the Sleep over disaster
Atari Champ
Aug 25th , Pryfogles , Castro Valley. 7:30 ish ALL Ages
Gannon 382
Kat Jones
Atari Champ

Sept 8th, Kuppa Joe , Fresno CA. doors open 7:00 ALL Ages
The Simons
Atari Champ
Some one said we sound like sebadoa?
Sept 9th, Harmony , Fresno CA. doors open 7:00 ALL Ages
Atari Champ


Oct 6th, Kuppa Joe , Fresno CA. doors open 7:00 ALL Ages
Kat Jones
Soma Holliday
Atari Champ 

Nov 7th, Club Fred , Fresno CA. Show 9:00 21 Over
The Sleepover Disaster
Superfluid Helium3
Atari Champ
Great show full of great vibes and great people.

Saturday February 17th - (Chris Friesen's first show) the Cottage in Hanford,
it's 21&over and the other bands playing are Art of War, The Mathmatics, and Los Cochinos... I think the show starts around 8:00pm. it'll be good times cause each band is completely different than the other bands!

Friday February 23rd - at Kuppajoe's
in Fresno. I believe doors open at 7:00pm, ALL AGES, $5 at the door. I believe this is our first headlining show! Other bands playing will be Fresno's Nerv, and East Bay Emo band Til Seven Years Pass Over Him!! This is their first time playing in Fresno in, dang, at least over a year!! You gotta come see these guys, especially if you're fans of Mineral, Sunny Day Real Estate, Joan Of Arc, or even At the Drive In... Just come check them out and Kuppajoe has a great new sound system, so you know it'll sound great!!

Saturday March 3rd- at Tokoyo Gardens in Fresno.
This is Atari Champ's first time playing here! 21 & over. Probably $3-$4 at the door. We're opening for Fresno's very own Superfluid Helium 3! They're a great band with a unique sound all of their own! If you saw us at Club Fred, you probably saw SH3 also, so come on out!!! .... :)
Seems that there were more shows in there but I had Computer 
probloms so I didn't get to record them. Sorry..... :)

Fresno, with "Till 7 Years Pass Over Him"

The Elementz Sat, June 23 With The Soma Holidays & Chump Change

* The Starline with BEV & the Dalloways Fri, June 29

Kuppa JoeFri, July 6with Till seven years pass over him & guests

Various Venues through Washington & Oregon July 11-15 w/ stop in Tom Festival... 
.............................11th TBA

.............................12th Blain WA @ Two Louies (360-332-9554)
________________________________8732 Blaine Road Blaine, WA 98230 

.............................13th Chehalis WA @ the Matrix Cafe (360) 740-0492
________________________________434 Northwest Prindle Street Chehalis, WA 98532 

.............................14th Seattle WA @ JOE'S HOUSE with Autumn Poetry call# 425.770.4584

The ElementzSat, July 20With Puller & more...

The Elementz (sometime in August) with Vuja De and Autumn Poetry from Seattle

*7 months of no shows... Matt Davidson and Corey Dobbins join the band*
Friday March 29th @ Gravity in Fresno with MAP and The Dalloways

Friday April 12th @ Kuppajoe in Fresno with The Sleepover Disaster & Johhny Come Lately

Saturday April 13th @ The Boiler Room in Bakersfield with Johhny Come Lately & The Lebecs

Saturday May 11th @ The Don in Visalia  with Vegas DeMilo (from S.F.!!) and Crazier Than Winfield

Sunday May 19th @ The Santuary Thatre in downtown Fresno w/ Bel & the Dragon and Vuja De

Saturday May 25th @ Unite 2002 Festival in Centerville, CA with Number One Gun and Hippocampus

Thursday June 20th @ B St. Bar and Grille in Hayward, CA with Dialog and Pontous Pilate

Friday June 21st @ The Starline in Fresno, Paul Chesterton solo accoustic w/Bel & The Dragon and Division Day

Friday June 28th @ Kuppajoe in Fresno with Needy Eevy, The Lebecs, and Coping with Construction!!

Saturday July 6th @ The Starline in Fresno with The Playroom & Nik Freitas

Saturday July 13th @ Werehouse Music store in Fresno w/Kat Jones and Bel & The Dragon

Friday July 26th @ The Starline in Fresno with Bel & The Dragon and The Dalloways

Friday August 9th @ The Daily Grind in Lindsay, CA with Kat Jones & Johhny Come Lately

Sunday August 11th @ The Santuary Theatre in Fresno with Panty Lions and Irving

Tuesday August 20th @ Our buddy Chris's back yard in Dinuba, CA!!

Friday August 23rd @ Cafe Intermezzo  in Reedley, CA with Seattle emo boys, Autumn Poetry!!

Friday August 30th @ Old Esperance (Cyberschool) in Edmonds, WA with Autumn Poetry and Tabitha!!!

Sunday Sept 1st @ The PORTICO FESTIVAL

Friday Sept 6st @ Kuppajoe in Fresno with Number One Gun (from Chico) and Coping With Construction!!

Saturday Oct 12th @ the Modesto Indie Fest (Mustang Ranch) with Jaglet, Long Division, & Gravy Train.

Friday Nov 1st @ Kuppajoe in Fresno with Number One Gun and Sincerely Me

Saturday Nov 8th @ the Boiler Room in Bakersfield with The Lebecs and Starcrasher

Saturday Nov 16th @ the King's Men Cafe in Fresno (accoustic show) with Goodbye For Now

Saturday Dec 28th @ Bobby Salazar's in Fresno (Tower District) with Uno

Tuesday Dec 31st @ The Church in the Basement in Reedley, CA.  New Years Eve show.

YEAR 2003!!!!!

Friday Jan 3rd @ Kuppajoe with Bel and the Dragon, The Balistics, and Heidi's Brother.





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