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We have spent the last week recording "run out of chances". I think that so far it's turning out to be
a really nice recording. We're doing all the technical stuff our self's this time with Chris having all the sweet gear
to record us at our liking. Personally, We tracked Vocals last night and I think that Paul did a kick bootie job.
We really captured some intense movement & emotions. The song as a whole has a really different feel. As some of you know, Paul has been writing the latest songs as somewhat of trilogy with a nice story that carries over from song to song, but each song still have a distinct individual taste & flavor, not to be confused with any other.
Pauls vocal delivery & lyrics seem to float over the guitar & bass, weaving in & out of the drums in a way that really brings his story to the table. Chris is doing a great job on the recording end & his drum tracks kick some serious tail. Mike's got some really sweet & colorful leads he's floating around in some areas, great energy.
As for me well... I can't say, cause that would be retarded, but I will say that I'm happy. 
Over all I think this next E.P. or full-length will be something to look forward to.

Try to keep you informed of further happenings. JR.

Just thought we'd add a little news flash to keep everyone up to date. 
Atari Champ has been featured on the new Velvet Blue Music unsigned bands compilation! We have track 6 with our song "Visitation Days"! The comp is entitled "Scene but not Herd" and features 17 tracks by 17 bands and artists located from California to Pennsylvania to even Israel! Also featured on the comp are local Fresno bad boys, the Sleepover Disaster!! For sale in stores where Velvet Blue Music is available. 

Thanks for listening. The end. 

Now you can check out Pauls lyrics on our info page.

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