^^^^chris & beji^^^^


Paul & Mike

Starclassic Maple Custom Snare.

Starclassic Bass Drum

Fender Telle Hollow Body Back & Boogie.

Fender DeVille 4x10
Yummy Yum

mic & Paul


the Bass Rig Monster.
w/ 70's Fender Bassman 100

all powerfull yummy tube.

Artsy fartsy maybe... but I like em.
Besides it's all we have for now... so until we get some live shots these pics I took (mostly as an experiment to see if my camera still worked) will have to do. Hey the gear needs some attention too. They like to be loved... they deserve some spot light , especially after the abuse we put them through. Anywho...

Enjoy them...Download them... use them for wallpaper... request some of the ones I didn't post... you could print them out and blow your nose on them... could be interesting
Just enjoy them!.

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